About us

We are a number of people who got together in 1999 as a walking group and decided to organise a walking event out of the city of Bath and into the surrounding countryside over a 26.5 mile route. At that time we all had one thing in common in that we all worked, in one capacity or another, at Bath Police Station. Our police training and instincts meant we were not only meticulous in our planning but we also made sure that there were plenty of refreshments available. In that first year just a handful of over 40 people did the event.

Over the years it has grown with more entries each time. We have added 12.5, 17, and 21 mile routes to the 26.5 mile route and also opened the event to runners. We are now taking around 400 entries but will have to put a maximum of 500, should we get to that number.

We only charge a modest entry fee and the members make most of the cakes and other foods that are available. This is in order to give participants a memorable event that is value for money and also so we can make money for charity. To begin with we made a modest amount for a charity of our choice which changes each year. However we are now able to donate quite a bit more and usually support a couple of charities. For 2013 we supported the new food bank in The Somer Valley and a homeless and drug initiative in Mexico.

Today our group has expanded and only a few now work at Bath Police Station. However we often get out and enjoy walks which we organise amongst ourselves. If you wish to join us go to our contacts page and send an e-mail. We are always looking for people to either come walking with us or help us run The Bath Beat, or better still both! You will find us to be a friendly and enthusiastic group.