Stats & Photos 2019

The 2019 event was held on Saturday 27th April. 369 walkers and runners participated across the four routes. Only 5 retired without completing the course. This year after a wet start for the first hour we had the windiest event so far, despite which, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. On the 26.7 mile route the fastest completed in 5 hours 17 minutes at a speed of 5.05 mph, the slowest took 11 hours and 38 minutes at a speed of 2.30 mph. On the 21 mile route the fastest was 4 hours 35 minutes at 4.65 mph and the slowest 10 hours 23 minutes at a speed of 2.05 mph. The 17.5 mile route saw a fastest time of 4 hours 25 minutes at a speed of 3.96 mph and a slowest of 8 hours 43 minutes at 1.88 mph. Finally, the 12.5 route fastest was 2 hours 30 minutes at 5.00 mph and the slowest was 6 hours 33 minutes at 1.91 mph. As well as any personal sponsorship the event has raised nearly £5,000 for children’s mental health work. Well done all who took part.