Stats & Photos 2013

The 2013 event was held on Saturday 6th April. 247 walkers and runners participated across the four routes. 4 retired without completing. On the 26.7 mile route the fastest completed in 4 hours 36 minutes at a speed of 6.80 mph, the slowest took 10 hours and 42 minutes at a speed of 2.50 mph. On the 21 mile route the fastest was 5 hours 41 minutes at 3.75 mph and the slowest 9 hours 41 minutes at a speed of 2.20 mph. The 17.5 mile route saw a fastest time of 3 hours 54 minutes at a speed of 4.49 mph and a slowest of 7 hours 22 minutes at 2.38 mph. Finally the 12.5 route fastest was 1 hours 57 minutes at 6.41 mph and the slowest was 6 hours 39 minutes at 1.88 mph. However charities have also benefited as hundredss of pounds were raised for various organisations. Please go to our charities page or links page for full details. Well done all who took part.