Stats and Photos for 2017

2017 event was the first to be held under the management of Ralph Allen Schools RASA (Ralph Allen School Association).  It was held on Saturday 8th April. 341 walkers and runners participated across the four routes. Non-retired without completing but a few shortened their route back at the midpoint by changing routes.  The age range of registered participants was again at the extremes from a baby in a carrier to our regular oldest participant, David Fry, who is chasing 88.  Phil Stevens kept up his record as the only person we know of who has done all 18 Bath Beats.  This year after a cool start for the first hour we had a sunny and, we think, our hottest event, which everyone enjoyed. On the 26.7 mile route the fastest completed in 4 hours 44 minutes at a speed of 5.64 mph, the slowest took 11 hours and 15 minutes at a speed of 2.37 mph. On the 21 mile route, the fastest was 4 hours 23 minutes at 4.88 mph and the slowest 10 hours 42 minutes at a speed of 1.99 mph. The 17.5 mile route saw the fastest time of 3 hours 43 minutes at a speed of 4.71 mph (same as last year) and a slowest of 7 hours 41 minutes at 2.28 mph. Finally, the 12.5 route fastest was 1 hour 59 minutes at 6.30 mph and the slowest was 7 hours 17 minutes at 1.72 mph.  The school had its trampoline condemned last year by the health and safety executive.  Some of this year’s money will go to replacing this.  Well done all who took part.

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